Our Mission

Think globally. Act locally.

We find our inspiration in the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) held in Cairo, Egypt, where visionary plans were forged to respond to the planet’s most pressing issues, including slowing unsustainable regional population growth, reducing inequities within societies, and empowering women. This agenda evolved into the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and, subsequently, into the Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals to Transform Our World.

Our Mission, quite simply, is to contribute to this noble effort.

We subscribe to the Population-Health-Environment (PHE) approach, which “is an approach to human development that integrates health or family planning with conservation efforts to seek synergistic successes for greater conservation and human welfare outcomes than single-sector approaches.” (Wikipedia)

Based on decades of personal and then institutional experience in the impoverished regions of northeastern Venezuela, the Turimiquire Foundation has developed our Recipe for a Thriving Community as an efficient blueprint for realizing this sustainable agenda.

We believe that it is in the crucible of community-based Foundations like ours that some of the most effective solutions for human and environmental progress are being forged today.

“When we are dreaming alone,
it is only a dream.
When we are dreaming with others,
it is the beginning of reality.”
–Dom Helder Camara

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